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July 13, 2013
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C-A: Dominik by Rae-Nerdy C-A: Dominik by Rae-Nerdy
sorry removed from wrong group by accident 

Name: Dominik Schneider
Squad: Leader of Scouting legion
Age: 23
Gener:  Male
Height 182,5 cm in beween  5'11"and 6'
Weight: 62kg   is like 9.7 stones

"We are just walking corpses, awaiting our own death, which day it be, we decide ourselves."

During free time he is pretty happy and relaxed, being sweet to people around him and friendly talking with anyone.He's usually in good mood smiling at other if Isaac didn't piss him off already. He is quite hard to put into a bad mood but some can manage it. He laughs a lot also at times he shouldn't, mainly to cover up the pain sadness and tears. The sad kid inside him sorta died, he didn't cry ever since the 1st death. Tho he worries nonstop about people dear to him about every single soldier he has. And he keeps in memory every single he lost, the weight of regret and guilt that is on his back pushes him more down with each dead. He can't describe anymore the sharp pain in his chest that that reminds him of the failure saving the brave people who sacrifice for the mankind. Even when nice he doesn't trust anyone other than the closes people he could call almost a family.
During work time and missions he is less emotional, still cheerful but serious about every single move as a lot of lives depends on the choices he makes. On a battlefield he get even more cold hearted as a weak heart and stomach has no place there. 

Every night that is calm, so no titans endanger them, he sits on the roof and stares the stars until his eyes get too heavy to stay open. Every single star feels like a soldier that left them, the parent and siblings they couldn't protect. His 'lil corrupted soul beg for forgiveness by the dear ones. Talking to the air looking like insane but non of this does bother.

Truly he is very stubborn, his family is quite rich for the current life style and he grow up as a spoiled child, he can behave like a damn brat at times.But he lost the acts from biggest part ever since the day his mother broke his heart with a simple " You died for me as my son"

Past story:
His family was quite big as he was growing up along his brother Markus and a family friends daughter Arcene. He was 2years younger than them two tho they got well along. His father was a stationary guard and Domink was hanging around him too much, not even the father could handle him or get rid of him, always had to ask the guards by gate to keep an eye on him while he went up on the wall. At age 10 he first time met Isaac who was a freshman in stationary guards, his babysiter for  few days. Already at this young age he was fascinated by the sight form the wall and the gear they used tho he had no idea of how serious it is. His mother like all of them disagreed with the idea of him joing in the suicidal military like his fahter and older brohter but when his brother died during one mission. it was just an accident but noone ever spoke the truth. Yet he was even more determined however most of it was just a greed after revenge. Year after the dead he graduate and become one of the Scouting legions walking corpses. It remained peaceful for a long while until the very one day when the titans broke in. The spot it broke in pieces was now the grave of his father. The human part of him broke at the moment, as there was no space for emotions left, or just the fact the only people who been an role model in his life were gone torn him a part inside. From that day on he worked his ass off just to get better and better until he reached one of the highest ranks himself.

The scar which is a line round around his chest but breaks on left arm is from his newbie year, in attempt to protect another one he got caught himself. About to be bite in two parts but in the end saved by Isaac, who killed to titan before it could bite trough the body.
It was the first mission for a fresh soldier, but at that rate he had nothing on mind else than worries for the people he knows and are int the attcked area, he rush there tho he disobay the order not to . The rackless behaviour was his sign of dead or maybe not . Avoiding one titan the other grab his string and pullhim close, despite the attempts to escape it kept grabbing again and again until it hold his leg, the sword was stab in one eye fo the titan and a cold feelign spread trough his body as he was not sure waht to think at that mind he felt a blank mind as it seemed like the dead line of family is now reaching him too. Moving closer to the mouth hit by smelt of bones and old flesh his eyes widen in fear but muscles couldnt react. The wet tongue touched his body and teeth dig its way in the young males flesh but when it hit the bone it stoped. The following happening isnt in his memory anymore as he faint from enormous pain short after with a loud scream.
The high ranked soldier used this story to scae the newbies so is a little bit known among people.

After the happening he was pullign self togehter for about a year to heal up and get back in form, he was allso released from military due to what happend as they didnt see him able to do the work at that rate.
The fact he had no home to go to and was left to a street life pulled more out of him as a loving family would and made him stronger. There are still many shady parts in his past he himself dont like to talk about.

10- Found them cool and wante use the gear badly
15- revange for the death of his brother " gotta kill em all"
20- "If we are just walking corpses why not make an use of it." the revange cooled down but there was still the death of his brother and now father bugging him.
23- "Even if they tear me a part i won't stop move."  he may not say it in your face but his biggest reason is his small daughter(4yrs Rezi) along mother and lil sister, as he isnt able to be by her side he cant die until they be happy together. Tho every single soldier he got in conntact with or just saw has a huge worth for him and will do his best to not let anyone die again. Just want to reach the final freedom finally.

+milk [makes him sleepy]
+night sky or more the nature view in general he can stre for ever
+fresh breeze, sleepss by open window all year long
+friendly chats
+when noone knows his rank actually
+mix in between sodliers during the trainee time and pretend to be one of em

-meat after an mission with deadly endings
-annoying times with Isaac and the pointless argues
-girls that are taller than him
-bratty spoiled ones ((he himself is one)


-as he reached the high rank at very young age he is barly taken serious between same raked older soldiers or the very lil ones highter, as well as the veterans
-he will point out the 0,5cm in his height for the rest of his life if someone forget to include itif he dont grow a little
-he will bully you if you are a girl taller than him or annyoing like hack
- he has barly any fat in body due to the over normal amouth of veggie he eats.
- he has often love bites over his neck because he is damn teasful bastard and actually enjoys it.
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TheTideWalker Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spazattackplz MMMAA your soooo good at drawling !! .o. It's not even funny! I absolutely love your style and your Char!!!  

Rae-Nerdy Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
alsdkja you are so sweet buy i am not :iconleeblushplz:
thank you so much!
TheTideWalker Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't say that!! Your amazing!!! 
sophloulou Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
heres My aplication I know Im a female deviant and hes male but 
I just really like makeing male Ocs, the group wont let me enter 
so I really hope I can join~…

*Felix walks in front of Dominik putting his right hand in his 
chest and his left behind his back*

"hello sir Domink! I am new but hard working I really hope you 
can accept me, my name is Felix Alexander at your service and 
Orders Domink sir!"

*Felix starts to shiver but stands still trying to keep his cool*
Rae-Nerdy Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
already told you about the opening but if you like to have an app check done
just note the group with link to the app asking for it

Domink eyes the new male applicant standing in front him and with a low sigh followed
by a shake of his head in disagreeing he replies:" Well that gonna depend if you pass 
the testing Alexander." viewing the boy as a reckless child placing his life on the battle line.
sophloulou Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
sorry this is about that ^^; this is abit old I didnt 
relize till after I submited the comment XD and oh 
ok sorry 

*Felix looks up at Domink but then looks down to 
the floor letting out a sigh but then buts his head
back up with a huge grin on his face*
"I know that sir..but weather I pass or not I will 
help humanity! weather its just helping towns 
people on my own or with a team here!, sorry 
to waste your time"
*Felix gets back 
Iskah-Ventus Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Stands infront of him putting his right hand in his chest and his left behind his back*

"Sir, Koldan Iakovek to your orders! If´s there´s anything you need, please let me know, please."

*Smiles at the boy and then smiles*

"Nice to meet you, ehm...Pleasure!" He didn´t know how to call Dominik at first so he keeps quiet
Rae-Nerdy Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Blinks in surprise, such enthusiastic soldier eight from start. He let out a low chuckles and smiles 
at him back . " Is pleasure to met you, Koldan. However i have to disappoint you right now we
are not in need of anything, for our luck the situation seems calm, so please enjoy yourself."
Iskah-Ventus Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Please sir, if there´s anything you need, don´t hesitate to tell me. I would be honored to give my services to the Scouting Legion and to mindkind"

He says, returning to a normal position and going to where the horses are to see if he can be there for a while. Makes a "bye" signg to Dominik withoput taking his smile on his face.
GarbageHomo Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist

I was wondering if I may be able to draw Dominik in a drawing I plan on doing <3

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